Python implementation of Tractable and Practicable Inducers

Code commentary on the implementation of Tractable and Practicable Inducers/Python Implementation


Readers interested mainly in implementation should focus on the following sections of the paper: ‘Substrate structures’, ‘Shuffled history’, ‘Rolls’, ‘Computation time and representation space’, ‘Rolled alignment’, ‘Decomposition alignment’, ‘Computation of alignment’, ‘Tractable alignment-bounding’ and ‘Practicable alignment-bounding’.

The references to page numbers below are to the April 18 version (201803290540.PAP1) of the paper.

This page contains Python code that implements the inducers discussed in the code commentary. The following text comes mainly from the ‘Practicable alignment-bounding’ section P633.

The code in this Python commentary can be executed by copying and pasting the code into a Python interpreter running the implementation in AlignmentPy repository. See the Introduction in Notation.

Practicable alignment-bounding

Decrementing maximiser

Tuple set maximisers

Fud searchers

Derived set maximisers

Fud decomposition inducers

Practicable fud decomposition fud

Conditional entropy optimisation