Tuple partitioners

Python implementation of fast Practicable Inducers/Tuple partitioners


Maximum-roll-by-derived-dimension tuple partitioner

Maximum-roll-by-derived-dimension tuple partitioner

The application of the maximum-roll-by-derived-dimension tuple partitioner $I_{P,U,\mathrm{K},\mathrm{mm}} \in \mathrm{computers}$ is described in Python.

The tuple partitioner is defined in module AlignmentPracticable,

parametersSystemsPartitionerMaxRollByMRepa_ui :: 
  Integer -> Integer -> Integer -> System -> Set.Set Variable -> 
  (HistogramRepaVec, HistogramRepaVec, UV.Vector Double) -> Double ->
  ([(Set.Set (Set.Set Variable),(HistogramRepaVec,HistogramRepaVec))],Integer)
def parametersSystemsPartitionerMaxRollByMRepa_ui(mmax,umax,pmax,uu,kk,hr,y1):

There is no checking on the arguments and the cardinality of the searched is also returned.

Note that the repa partitioners are partly implemented in C.