Python implementation of fast Practicable Inducers


The Python implementation of Tractable and Practicable Inducers discusses the implementation of the inducers in the Code commentary using the AlignmentPy repository. Here the discussion is extended to an implementation using the AlignmentRepaPy repository. The AlignmentRepaPy repository is a fast Python implementation of some of the practicable inducers described in the paper. The AlignmentRepaPy repository depends on the AlignmentPy repository for the underlying model framework. Also, the slower implementations of some of the practicable inducers in the AlignmentPy repository can be used to verify the correctness of equivalent faster implementations in AlignmentRepaPy.

The references to page numbers below are to the April 18 version (201803290540.PAP1) of the paper.

The code in this Python commentary can be executed by copying and pasting the code into a Python interpreter running the implementation in AlignmentRepaPy repository. Also see the Introduction in Notation.

Fast Practicable Inducers


Tuple set list builders

Tuple partitioners

Value rollers

Derived variables set builders